boys who have a long list of ‘standards’ just make me laugh. who do u think u r. u r weak. i can go ahead and not shave for months and never do my hair and curse like a sailor or look like a goddess who just stepped off of a magazine cover and still take over ur the world, shit on ur whole life AND give u a boner. boys are weak. destroy them all




Oh shucks! Is it inconvenient to love black culture right now? Where did all y’all go? I swore all of you said you believe we are all equal and gotta stop seeing race cause we all bleed red. Please! Come on and join us! Standing up for justice is way more “hardcore” than listening to Jay Z uncensored if you protest until the sun sets. It will be really “edgy” and “hip” to hit the “ghettoest” parts of Ferguson right now! Who’s down? You should braid your hair up and slick your fully-adult baby hairs for some of the peaceful protests, and rallies.. it’ll be so cool, my “nig”! Come on! Let’s be black now!

Jesus, black people are PEOPLE. I like people, I never noticed the color of the person. Almost 40% of my best friends are black, and I never gave a damn.


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